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Which Foods Help with Your Dental Health?

You brush your teeth every day, floss, and use mouthwash to destroy harmful bacteria. And yet, your dentist in Cedar Rapids and Marion Iowa says you need to take extra steps to protect your teeth. What more can you do? Well, we here at Horton Family Dental suggest changing up your diet a little to support your oral health. All of the foods on this list will provide significant benefits for your oral health. They also help to boost your general overall health, so enjoying them is a win-win.

Milk Products

You’ve probably heard your mom or your doctor say that milk helps keep your bones healthy. And it is true! Calcium is one of the essential nutrients for your overall bone health. However, your dentist may also like you to drink milk, as it can keep your teeth healthy and filled with calcium.

For example, low-fat and fat-free milk help to provide great calcium without putting you at the risk of excessive fat in your diet. Even better, these foods contain a lot of protein, which can also help enhance the strength of your teeth in many ways. A glass of milk with breakfast or in a bowl of cereal should help here.

And you can also eat other cheese products to enhance the strength of your teeth. For example, cottage cheese is filled with calcium and many other nutrients. Sprinkle a little cheese on a salad to of spinach to get a ton of calcium and a good burst of protein to help keep your teeth as strong as possible.

Soy and Tofu

Soy and tofu are a great protein alternative for those who do not eat meat. They can also be used as a milk alternative for those who follow a vegan lifestyle. As a result, they can be beneficial for your dental health in many ways. And, thankfully, there are many ways to enjoy these foods.

For example, soy milk is an excellent addition to most baking recipes or can be enjoyed on a bowl of cereal or as a simple glass of milk with your foods. And soy can be used to replace meat in a variety of dishes. Though its spongy texture may be off-putting, tofu can absorb many tastes very well, often better than meats.

By cooking tofu properly, you can eliminate much of that spongy texture that may turn you off from enjoying it. For example, some like frying tofu or coating it in a caking material. This choice does eliminate some of its health benefits, though, so keep that in mind before trying it out.

Lean Meat

If you do enjoy meat, you’re in luck, because many types have very high levels of calcium and phosphorous. These two nutrients are critical to your dental health and provide many great benefits. As a result, your dentist probably wants you to eat salmon, eggs, lean meat, and other types of fish.

Canned salmon, in particular, provide significant levels of these nutrients that help to make your teeth as healthy as possible. However, other types of fish also have high levels of these nutrients and abundant fatty acids, as well. These fats help to provide many more benefits to your overall health.

Preparation of these foods should be done in as healthy a way possible. Baking will take longer, yes, but it does ultimately preserve more of the nutrients. Chicken, in particular, is best baked and mixed with other delicious foods, some of which we’ll discuss in more depth below.

Delicious Veggies and Fruits

If you’re like the average person, you probably don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables every day. If this is true, you’re doing your teeth a great disservice. These foods are among the best for your overall dental health and are heavily suggested by most dentist professionals. As a result, you should integrate as many as possible into your diet.

For example, tomatoes, oranges, mangoes, broccoli, and other types of citrus fruit are all rich in vitamin C. This vitamin helps to support your dental and oral health in many different ways. And, surprisingly, even potatoes and spinach are rich in these foods. Try to pair these with a lean meat meal to create a hard-to-top combo.

Nuts and Beans

Though you may not think of nuts and beans as being great for your teeth, you’d be wrong. These foods are incredibly rich in a variety of different foodstuffs, each of which makes them an excellent choice for your teeth. For example, they are often rich in various types of protein and phosphorous, each of which helps to make your teeth healthy.

Try to integrate a handful of nuts into your diet from time to time – you shouldn’t add too many because they are also full of fat and can be quite filling. A handful on top of a salad or alongside a healthy meal should be more than enough. In this way, you shouldn’t have a hard time integrating them into your diet.

Foods to Avoid

Now that you know some healthy foods that will boost your oral strength, it is essential to know a few that your dentist would rather you did not eat. By understanding what items are likely to damage your oral health, you can make sure to choose wisely and keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

For example, you should try to avoid foods such as hard candy to ensure that you don’t crack your teeth or introduce excessive sugar to your mouth. These foods have no other nutrients and are empty calories. An occasional candy won’t hurt but try to minimize them as much as possible.

The same is true of foods such as chocolate, caramel, and even popcorn. Although popcorn can be a suitable replacement for unhealthy foods, like potato chips, it may also cause chips in your teeth if you bite hard kernels. So be careful and choose wisely to ensure you don’t make any dental mistakes.

Eat Healthy and Make a Dental Appointment

As you can see, foods can help to support your dental health in ways you may not have anticipated. However, you also need to make sure that you visit a dentist Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa can trust to make your teeth as healthy as possible. That is where we come into play. At Horton Family Dental, we have years of experience and know how to make your teeth as healthy as possible for as long as you need. In this way, we can provide you with the necessary help to enhance your oral health.

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